In this article, I will show you how you can upload your dataset in google colab.

We can link data in various ways. You can mount google drive or clone from the GitHub repository. This is the easiest way.

Step 1: Create google colab file

Step 2: Click on the folder icon on the left toolbar.

Step 3: You will see this interface after clicking the folder icon.

Loading html file in PyQt5 python

In this article, I will show you how I add or render HTML files in PyQt5 Dialog box python GUI.

First of all you will need the following installed
Python 3 or higher

pip install pyqt5
pip install PyQtWebEngine

You need two separate file Dialog File and HTML…

In this article, I will show you I sort and get the last id or max id of type string in the database table.

SELECT ID FROM Table_name order by cast(ID as int) desc limit 1

This will return the last id of the table.

If you have large image datasets it very time-consuming for you to resize in CPU. In this article I will show you how I resize images using google colab free gpu.

  • Create new google colab file
  • create github repo to store image dataset
  • clone you repo in google colab
  • run…

Today I will show you how to export pandas DataFrame to sas xtp file using python

For this, you need to install pandas and pyreadstat

pip install pandas
pip install pyreadstat

Read the data frame

import pandas as pddf = pd.read_csv("filename.csv")

Export to as xpt fromat

path = "file_name.xpt"
pyreadstat.write_xport(df, path)

That's it. Thanks for reading.

The easiest and fastest way to install OpenCV without Error.

Download and Install Anaconda distribution from here .

After Installing the anaconda open anaconda navigator using command Anaconda Prompt on Command Prompt or cmd.

Now the anaconda Navigator window will open. Click on Environments. Create an environment if you want or direct search OpenCV on the search package option. Then select the open cv option and click on Apply Button.

That's it.

This is the blog post for the Django series. I am currently working on an E-commerce website and I’ll be posting blog post tutorials along with my project. I will be posting every day that I build so that you can learn along with me. Thanks for reading. …

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This project is being done in order to fulfill the requirements of the Udacity Data Scientist nanodegree. Today in this post, I am discussing how I perform dog breed classification using CNN(Convolutional Neural Networks) transfer learning. CNN is a deep neural network, which is commonly used for image classification. Typically…

A data analysis using StackOverflow’s 2019 Annual Developer Survey

Data Analysis

Technology is taking the lead towards every aspect nowadays advancing from a manual system to an automated system. Different trends of developers and developing platforms are evolving day by day for enhancing the technology.
Here we are discussing the following topic.

Rojan Dhimal

#Datascience #Deeplearning #AI

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